Monument-compliant conversion to the
German-Polish cultural center

Modern interpretation of a historical form

With the reconstruction of the Gubin parish church, a special public space is created not far from the town hall, which is also a listed building. Within the framework of the Polish-German cooperation of the Eurotown, a workshop for the cross-border development of culture, art and science is being formed. New functions are inserted into the church building in such a way that the existing structure and building fabric are only minimally changed and the Gothic architecture is appreciated.

The culture house integrated into the interior of the church is an independent installation and modern and clear in its shape, color and choice of materials. It represents a clear contrast to the preserved brick substance.The functional structure is flexible, if required, further house elements can be added to the interior. The high pitched roof above the church ruins is being reconstructed in its historical cubature using modern materials and technologies. It is light and leaves a clear view of the sky.